Kenya Institute Of Management (Kim) Diploma In Personnel Management (Personnel Management) Labour And Industrial Law  Question Paper

Exam Name: Labour And Industrial Law 

Course: Diploma In Personnel Management (Personnel Management)

Institution/Board: Kenya Institute Of Management (Kim)

Exam Year:2008

1.(a) Outline FIVE requirements for a sound Industrial Relationship.(10marks)
(b) (i) Define the term "Contract of Employment"(2marks)
(ii) Outline FOUR elements of the contract of employment.(8marks)

2.(a) Highlight THREE types of Collectives Bargaining.(6marks)
(b) Outline SEVEN ways in which the government may be directly involved in management of Industrial Relations.(14marks)

3.(a) Kamau teaches at Jamu High School under the supervision of the Headmaster. He earns a monthly salary of sh.25,000.The school is private and provides Kamau with teaching resources that he requires. Kamau is also provided with office space.State FOUR factors that are considered in determining that Kamau is an employee of the school.(8marks)
(b) Outlines SIX functions of the Central Organisaton of Trade Union (C.O.T.U)(12marks)

4.(a) (i) State THREE types of "Alternative Dispute Resolutions" that may be used to resolve disputes between employers and employees.(6marks)
(ii) Outline THREE types of disputes that may be resolved by the industrial Court.(6marks)
(b) Highlight FOUR basic conditions of employment in labour law.(8marks)

5.(a) The Trade Union Movement has grown significantly since the colonial days and has sound administrative structure. Outline SIX functions of the National Executive Council (N.E.C) of a Trade Union.(12marks)
(b) Identify FOUR ways of lawful termination of employment.(8marks)

6.(a) Under the common law, employees owe specific duties to their employers. Outline SIX such duties.(12marks)
(b) Outline FOUR prerequisites for vicarious liability .(8marks)

7.(a) State the meaning of each of the following terms of employment:
(i) Permanent terms.
(ii) Casual terms.
(iii) Probatory terms.
(iv) Temporary terms.(8marks)
(b) Outline SIX causes of industrial conflict.(12marks)

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