Form 2 Maths Question Paper

Exam Name: Form 2 Maths 

Course: Secondary Level

Category: question papers

Exam Year:2012

53X6÷ 5/4 X2+3 (3 marks)
18(7X3+2) of 5
Evaluate (3 marks)
The volume of a sphere is give by4/3 pr^3. Find the radius of a sphere where volume is 1047.816cm3 (p=22/7)
(4 marks)
Find the reciprocal of 3.698 using mathematical tables. (3 marks)
A metallic cuboid measuring 16cm by 8cm by 4cm was melted. The material was then used to make a cube. What was the length of cube? (4 marks)
Use mathematical tables to evaluate:
1/0.0125 X 1/12.5 (3 marks)
7/v(2&0.3658) (3 marks)
If 1/f=1/u+1/x , find u given that f =0.6 and x = 0.8 (3 marks)
The volume of water in a measuring cylinder is 250cm3. When a cube is immersed into the water, the new reading is 640cm3. Find
The volume of the cube (2 marks)
The length of the side of the cube (3 marks)
Evaluate : (2 marks)
Solve for X: (3 marks)
(4^3x )=2^6
Simplify the following expression: (3 marks)
r^3 Xr^3 t^3 Xr^(-3) t^(-2)
Determine the equation of the line perpendicular to line y=5x + 3 and passing through the point (3,2). (4 marks)
Solve the following simultaneous equation: (3 marks)
3a+5b = 20
6a-5b = 12
Express the following as a fraction in its simplest form: (3 marks)
Answer all questions in this section
Measurements of a farmer’s field using a base line AB were recorded as shown below: (measures are in meters
To R 60 190
180 75 to Q
150 50 to P
To S 100 120
100 100 to N
To T 30 50
20 20 to M

a). Use a suitable scale to draw the map of the maize field . (5 marks)
b). Find the area of the field in hectares. (5 marks)
16. The table below shows the amount of money charged for hiring a car for a given distance

Distance Covered (Km) 10 20 30 40 50
Charges (Ksh) 75 100 125 150 175

a).Draw a graph of the charges against the distance covered. (4 marks)
b). Use your graph to find:
i).The standing charge. (2 marks)
ii). How much money is charged for covering a distance of 25km,33km and 42km. (2 marks)
iii). the distance covered if Ksh. 121.00, Ksh 140.00 and Ksh 190.00 is charged. (2 marks)
Use a ruler and a pair of compasses only to construct a triangle ABC in which AB = 7.5cm, BC=6cm and AC=4.5cm
a). Measure the angles of the triangle. (3 marks)
b). Draw the circle passing through the point A,B and C. Measure the radius of the circle. Hence, estimate the area of the circle. (7 marks)
18. The length of an arc of a circle is 1/10 of the circumference of the circle. If the area of the circle is 13.86cm2, find
A). the angle subtended by the arc at the centre of the circle (4 marks)
b). the area of the sector endorsed by this arc (4 marks)
c). The length of the arc (2 marks)
19. From metrological weather station P on a plateau, a hill Q is 5km on a bearing of ?078?^0 and a railway station, R, is 1.5km
Away on a bearing of ?200?^0
Use a suitable scale to draw an accurate representation of the information (4 marks)
Find i). The bearing of Q from the railway station (2 marks)
ii). the distance between Q and R (2 marks)
iii). the shortest distance between Q and line RP (2 marks)

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