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Latest Past Papers
Agte 323: Agricultural Structures
Crop 240: Principles Of Crop Production
Math 130: Basic Statistics
Comp 016: Computer Applications
Comp 100: Computer Applications
Agec 312: Agricultural Law And Policy
Crop 343: Industrial And Perennial Crops
Buss 100: Principles And Practice Of Management
Buss 100: Principles And Practice Of Management
Ansc 353; Ruminant Animal Production
Agte 323: Agricultural Structures
Agte 420:Post Harvest
Agte 322:Irrigation And Water Management
Geoc: Agricultural Geography
Buss 120; Business Values And Social Responsibility
Advanced Database Management Systems
Research Methodology
Advanced Financial Accounting 1
Principles Of Accounting Ii
Cost Accounting
Managerial Accounting
Intermidiate Accounting 1
Intermidiate Accounting
Automa And Formal Language
Data Structure And Algorithim
Development Economics And Planning
Enviromental Science
Strategic Management
International Business

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