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Latest Past Papers
Aks 303 :Contemporary Novel And Play
Aks 202 :Language Skills In Kiswahili ||
Aks Introduction To The Study Of Language
Aht 804:History Of Political Processes In Africa
Lcc 306: Capital Markets And Securities Law
Epm 591: Research Methodology
Epm 241: Environmental Planning Management Institutions
Lpr 203: The Law Of Evidence Ii
Lpr 104: Legal Systems And Methods
Ecd 319: Social Work And Humanitarian Assistance
Ees 504: Macroeconometrics
Bms 420: Monitoring And Evaluation
Bms 310: Pensions
Rsm 501/Scu 600: Research Methods
Bms 410: Brokerage Insurance
Bms 801: Business Research Methods
Bba 314: Public Relations
Bms 311: Actuarial Science I
Agd 301: Gender Violence
Agd 506: Gender And Project Management
Hfd 503: Seminar In Fashion Design And Marketing
Hfn 409: Food Processing, Preservation And Storage
Hfn 212: Nutrition Biochemistry
Hfn 405: Seminar In Foods, Nutrition And Dietetics
Hfn 200: Human Anatomy And Physiology
Hfn 306: Nutrition Counseling 1
Hfn 511: Advanced Therapeutic Nutrition
Hfn 417: Nutrition In Emergencies
Hfn 414: Food Hygiene, Safety And Legislation
Hfn 210: Analytical Chemistry