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Latest Past Papers
Bba 100:Business Studies
Sac 308
Kap203: Reproductive Physiology
Kap 203: Reproductive Physiologyof Farm Animals
Szh 301: Veterinary And Medical Helmonthology
Kap 203: Reproductive Physiology In Farm Animals
Ucu 101: Development Studies
Szh 104: Embryology
Kap 208: Environmental Physiology And Adaptations
Szl 100: General Zoology
Szl 100: General Xoology
Szh 100: General Zoology
Szl100: General Zoology
Kst 112: Agricultural Botany
Szh 106:Fundamentals Of Ecology
Kcu 100: History And Development Of East African Agriculture
Bac 203: Business Finance 1
Kap 201: Quantitative Genetics And Animal Breeding
Szh 308: Veterinary And Wildlife Disease Vectors
Eae 313:Public Finance
Kap 208: Environmental Physiology And Adaptations
Szh 301:Veterinary And Medical Helminthology
Szh219: General Pathology
Aks 303 :Contemporary Novel And Play
Aks 202 :Language Skills In Kiswahili ||
Aks Introduction To The Study Of Language
Aht 804:History Of Political Processes In Africa
Lcc 306: Capital Markets And Securities Law
Epm 591: Research Methodology
Epm 241: Environmental Planning Management Institutions

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