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Latest Past Papers
Phm 301: Health Policy And Planning
Phm 301: Health Policy And Planning
Phm 301: Health Policy And Planning
Phm 301: Health Policy And Planning
Phm 207: Hospital Administration
Aps 201: Psychology Of Personality
Aph 202: Epistemoloy
Krm 308: Resource Use And Conflict Management
Kap 100: Introduction To Animal Science
Kbt 421: Co-Operative Management
Krm 520: Land Degradation And Productivity Management
Kbt 206: Information Communication Technology In Agribusiness
Krm 500: Soil Genesis And Classification
Kbt 522: Consumer And Producer Theory
Krm 511: Agroforestry Systems
Kst 506: Insect Pests And Management
Mpa 521: Sustainable Development
Aec 307: Public Finance
Aec 411: Monetary Theory And Policy
Bba 615: Industrial Relations And Law
Mpa 518: Education And State
Bba 313: Management Of Co-Operatives
Bac 404: Cost Accounting
Ac 505: Financial Econometircs
Bhrm 103: The Individual Work And The Organization
Bac 410: Public Sector Accounting
Bac 300: Management Accounting 1
Bba 101: Business Law I
Mpa 511: Procurement And Supply Chain Management
Bac 411: Trust And Executorship

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