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Latest Past Papers
Epe 407/ Epe 425 Mseto Katika Kiswahili Lugha Na Fasihi
Epe 417
Kis 221: Kiswahili Morphology
Psa 212: Decentralization And County Governance In Kenya
Bas 303: Contemporary Political Ideologies
Sas 104: Social Science Perspectives On Hiv/Aids.
Inf 331 Business Applications Programming Cat
Inf 244 Multimedia Systems And Application
Rel 314 : Studies In The New Testament 2
Sne 211:Communication Skills For Learners With Visual Impairments
Fms 310: Acting For The Screen
Fms 121: Television Agency And Audience
Bll 121: French For Beginners
His 311:Development Of Historical Thought Upto 1900
Cmm 300: Communication And Ethics
Cmm 300: Communication And Ethics
Egc 301: Behavioural Disorders
Pss 312: Incarceration And Rehabilitation Process
Bbm 120: Principles Of Management
Eco 216: Economics Of Money And Banking
Pss 311: Sociology Of Punishment
Cmm 300: Communication &Amp; Ethics
Thl 313: History Of Christianity In Africa
Ant 121: Leadership Ethics
Ant 120: Family And Kinship
Eco 322: Economics Of Demography
Edb 112: Macro-Economics
Psa 121:Introduction To Comparative Politics
Lin 313: Theories Of Editing
Swk 120: Emergence Of Social Policies And Social

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