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Bit 4102: Human Computer Interaction
Bpy 1101 Basic Electricity And Optics
Bds 212:Social Transformation And Marketing
Dbm 1104:Principles And Practice Of Management
Dbm 1201:Human Resource Management
Dbm 1101: Introduction To Business Studies
Dds1104:Tooth Morphology
African Orature And Folklore
African Orature And Folklore
Origin And Development Of English
East African Literature
Introduction To Macroeconomics
Introduction To Macroeconomics
Chemical Thermodynamics Bch 2202
Bbm 114: Fundamentals Of Accounting I
Bbm 113: Introduction To Business Studies
Bbm 214 : Introduction To Purchasing And Supplies Management
Bbm 126: Introduction To Microeconomics
Acc 322: Accounting For Liabilities
Agr 111: Introduction To Agriculture
Agr 121: Agric Policy And Development
Dta 121
Dta 131
Arg 321
Becdp 315: Integrated Kiswahili I
Ege111 Techniques In Geography
Dbm 111; Business Law I
Fundamentals Of Accounting I(Bbm-114)
Fundamentals Of Accounting I(Bbm-114
Introduction To Business Studies

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