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Kenyatta University Past Exams Question Papers

Find Kenyatta University past papers here. Feel free to use all the available model question papers as your prepare for your examinations.
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Sch 100:Fundamentals Of Organic Chemistry
Phm 403:Foundation Of Health Management Project
Abe 301:Environmental Impact Assessment And Audit
Alt 201:Eastern African Poetry And Drama
Arc 304:Building Services Ii
Sph 800: Classical Mechanics
Szl304:Evolutionary Biology
Szl 303: Animal Ecology
Bba 400: Business Policy
Bba 401: Company Law
Ucu 101: Gender And Development Studies
Sma 431: Differential Geometry
Eae 405: Development Planning
Bac 304. Fundamental Of Taxation.
Bhm 042: Personnel Policies
Isc 032: Introduction To Research Methods
Bms 045: Tools In Monitoring And Evaluation
Bhm 042 Personnel Policies
Bms 038: Project Management Methodologies
Aht 402: History Of Cultural Studies
Isc 033: Internet And Multimedia Resources
Isc 056: Automation Of Records Management
Epl 504: Well And Reservoir Simulations
Hns 130: Embryology
Sco 108: Discrete Mathematics For Computer Science
Sco 113: Foundations Of Artificial Intelligence
Eet 401: Macroeconomics Theory Iv
Math 110: Linear Algebra
Bms 202 Risk Management
Sit 027: Introduction To Information Systems