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Bac 300 Management Accounting 1
Bac 300 Management Accounting 1
Bac 204 Business Finance 2
Bac 200 Accounting For Assets
Bac 200 Accounting For Assets
Bba 400 Business Policies And Decisions
Bba 400 Company Law
Bba 400 Company Law
Bba 400 Buisness Policies And Decisions
Bac 202: Cost Accounting I November 2016
Bba 200: Organization Behaviour
Bms 201: Computer Programming November 2016
Bba 042: Personal Policies
Krm 303: Field Crop Production
Hpe 108: Foundation Of Physical Education.
Are 400: Contemporary Trends In Chiristian Theology
Eet 100: Microeconomic Theory 1
Aad 200N/Aad 200: Art And Design Appreciation 1/Tradition Africa Art.
Alt 101: Introduction To Literary Genres
Bht 320: Hospitality And Consumer Behaviour
Aht 202: Early African Archeology
Eps 100
Phi 402: Contemporary Issues In Health Informational Management
Een 100: Introduction Of Environmental Education
Aht 102: Introduction To Political Science
Aht 202: Eary African Archaeology
Een 100: Introduction To Enviromental Education
Peo 101: Foundations Of Occupational Health And Security
Phi 308 :Health Case Data Quality And Technology
Aen 100: Introduction To The Study Of Language

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