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Customary Law Cat 1
Professional Ethics And Responsibility (Lpl 204) Cat 1
Law Of Property In Land Ii Cat 2
Law Of Equity Cat
Criminal Procedure
Customary Law
Law Of Succession
Lpr 206:Constitutional Law Ii
Ees 300: Mathematics For Economists Iii
Eet 300: Microeconomic Theory Iii
Sma 330: Numerical Analysis I
Sma 335: Ordinary Differential Equations I
Ees 201: Statistics For Economists I
Aen 100: An Introduction To The Study Of Language
Sma 201: Calculus Iii
Sma 200: Calculus Ii
Ees 100 : Mathematics For Economists I
Lcc 402: Accounting For Lawyers
Sbc 318:Fundmentals Of Immunology
Szl 515:Control Of Arthropods Of Medical Importance
Ees 502:Theory Of Statistics
Bba 313:Management Of Co-Operatives
Bba 201: Principles Of Marketing
Bba 414: Management Of Public Enterprises
Aec 102: Elements Of Macroeconomics
Aec 102: Elements Of Macroeconomics
Alt 308: African Drama (A Special Study)
Aps 507: Practicum I
Tsa 105:Human-Wildlife Conflicts, Education And Extension
Agd 501: Methods Of Gender And Development Research 1

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