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Kenyatta University Past Exams Question Papers

Find Kenyatta University past papers here. Feel free to use all the available model question papers as your prepare for your examinations.
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Bba 400: Business Policies And Decisions
Bba 312: Office Management
Emp 201: Curriculum Development
Efn 302 : Philosophy Of Education
Ect 200: Use Of Technology In Primary School
Eae 401 : Monetary Theory And Policy
Eae 401 : Monetary Theory And Policy
Eae 401 : Monetary Theory And Policy
Peo101: Occupational Health And Safety
Peo 101 Foundations Of Occupational Health And Safety
Alt 101: Introduction To Literary Genres
Aps 807: Skills And Techniques In Counseling
Are 227: Theory And Method In The Study Of Religion
Eae 413
Bba312:Office Management
Isc 301: Electronic Records Management
Eae 405 Development Planning
Are105:Introduction To African Religion And Culture
Bba 100: Business Studies
Aht 326: Nationalism In Africa
Ece 403: Screening Methods
Developmental Psychology
Are 309: Systematic Theology
Ucu 103: Introduction To Critical And Creative Thinking
Ucu 101: Development Studies
Ect 309: Religious Education Methods
Are 215: History Of Islamic Civilization And Religion
Ect 300: Educational Technology
Ect 300: Educational Technology
Aht 102: Introduction To Political Science