What is religions view of act of warfare?


What is religions view of act of warfare?


- It is therefore imperative to note that the early theologians and philosophers like St. Augustine (354 AD) and of Thomas Aquinas (1226) recommended the act of warfare to acquire and maintain Christian empires e.g. Roman Empire. Augustine consequently came up with theories to justify the need to go to war namely;

a) Resort to war “Jus ad bellum”
This theory had the following principles
i) That war is justified only if it is the last resort (Gulf war 2001)
ii) That war must only be declared by a legitimate authority – in most cases governments( USA – George Bush and allied forces)
iii) That war is waged in self defense to restore peace and justice (defend interests of the USA, Egypt and state of Israel).
iv) War must be fought with the right intention i.e. not to assassinate the nations leader (Libyan – NATO
v) War must be of just cause i.e. war fought with an intention to save life and protect human rights is normally a just cause (protect Iraqis civilians)

b) Conduct in war “ Jus in bello”
i) That warfare must not make non-combatants an intentional target ( terrorism which by nature against this canon)
ii) The amount of force used must be proportional to the threat at hand. (Britain vs. Argentina where British soldiers and weapons were not proportionate to the threat 1988 Falkland Island war.
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