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The Time to Rise Up and Shine is Now (Don’t Wait any Longer)


Date Posted: 1/6/2014 10:26:39 PM

Posted By: Makara  Membership Level: Silver  Total Points: 415

Days, Months, Years have passed by, you keeping that idea, that dream in mind and you have been waiting for the best time to come in order to keep the ball rolling. Your idea could be the best idea entire world is waiting for .That idea could be the one to change lives of many, could be the one which is holding you back. But once implemented it will move mountain. It will cause a great change, a great impact in the lives of people and the entire world.

People have been waiting for the best time to show up for them to start, or for them to start implementing the ideas that they have been keeping to themselves in their minds for so long, but unfortunately they have never seen the best time to do all this. The best time has never showed up and will never come knocking on your way for you to start. This is the time for you to start whatever you have been longing for and whatever ideas have been running in your mind.

You never know may be the nature is just waiting for you to start anything you have in mind and taking its course i.e. supplying anything you need to make your dreams come true. Nature is the Mother of invention.

Do not be afraid of failing in whatever undertaking you would like to pursue whatsoever .Successful people underwent a lot of failure before they achieved what the world today remembers them having achieved. Failure is actually an opportunity to begin afresh having traced your mistakes. Actually consider any setback as a set up towards a great comeback.

There is no lift towards success, you like it or not you go to use the ladder. And remember it is not possible for you

to climb a tree from the top .you will have to begin from the ground.

Nature supplies the best to people or individuals who match fast in making their idea a reality. Even if you have taken a couple of years with your ideas ringing in your mind and you have never implemented, it’s not too late for you to start. Remember that the best time will never come knocking at your doorstep to remind you that it’s the time to start your venture. NO it has never happened and will never happen unless in spirit. The best time for you to start is NOW. Begin whatever you think and it will pick with time, Begin with what you have.

Amateurs built the ship slowly, they did not build it in a single day, and they did not wait to gather all accessories required to build the ship for them to start. They just started slowly by slowly and as time went by, they had built the ship, and hence their mission was accomplished.

You never know if God awaits you to start with what you have so that He can supply the rest to you. Arise and make your dream a reality. Successful people wake up to work for success while a financially humbled person always falls asleep and dreams of success. One is working to succeed while the other is lying on bed dreaming about success. Everyone started someone. Just look for a starting point and that’s all. You cannot go up the ladder without using the stairs.

In conclusion, Never wait for conditions to be perfect for you to start any kind of venture, Starting make the conditions perfect and note in mind that there is no the best time for you to start. Start Now and all the best in your endeavors!!!!

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