Ways to earn money online in Kenya


Date Posted: 12/12/2011 4:11:37 AM

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Equipped with a computer an a reliable internet connection one can easily start making money online in Kenya.
Here's a look at three ways that can guarantee you a stream of income if you are dedicated enough.
1. ONLINE JOBS - One good way of earning money online is by working online. The internet has proved useful especially for employers who require good talent that is not easily accessible e.g. due to limitations of distance. There are various jobs that one can do online e.g. article writing, data entry, programming. Make sure to look for legitimate sites before starting your online job. Two good examples of legitimate sites are Elance and Odesk.

2. BLOGGING - Blogs are a sort of online diaries where you write anything that you feel you want to share with your friends or the world. If you are an expert on a certain niche e.g. cooking, accounting you could start off with a blog about that topic and once you start getting lots of readers you could monetize it through various ways. One good example is to place Google ad sense adverts on your blog and get paid when people click on them.

3. SELLING PRODUCTS ONLINE - You can make money online in Kenya by selling products online i.e if you have products to sell. If you don't have products to sell you can become an affiliate marketer and sell products for sites such as Amazon and Ebay.

I know there are lots of ways of making money online in Kenya but I think you can start off with any of the above three and with a lot of dedication you could be on your way to financial freedom!!


me mi 120
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good i will try selling with eBay
14 Dec 2011 @ 07:41

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So far the best way to earn online for anyone with a website is online advertising. You can register for online advertising programs and start monetizing your website.
15 Dec 2011 @ 03:20

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Its not that easy to make money online. You need money to do so. You need to buy items from the amazon or ebay before you sell them to consumers. To start blogging, you need to get traffic to read it!
26 Aug 2012 @ 09:37

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Making money online is easy and hard at the same time. You will not sweat because it is easy but you will at the same time strain because it is hard. You are required to have a website first with good traffic(number of people visiting your website daily). You will spend hours doing what is done best, creating and updating your website. You may stay for 6 months and above before you start earning smart money online when your website has become popular. If you know of a good idea or contents that you believe people would love reading and then you keep updating it, then in 3 months you can get something that can start balancing/canceling with what you spent daily from the first day you started your website. In 6 months then you start getting something good and appreciable out of it. What matters alot is your website staticstics- traffic. If you can make it popular in the world or a given large region e.g. East Africa in 21 days and it attracts atleast 8,000 visitors then you can make money that easily.
28 Aug 2012 @ 09:08

THE Web Writer
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Another way to make money online is affiliate marketing. This is were you promote another person's/company's product such as an e-book, electronic gadget or service and then get a commission when the people you tell about the product or service actually buy the product.

This can be a lucrative way to make money because you don't need to buy anything from ebay or wherever or create your own service or product to sell. You simply find an affiliate product or service and start promoting it in any way you can to get a commission for each sale. you can promote the product on social media like on Facebook among your fb friends or on your own website if you have one.

We actually use affiliate marketing on our website webwriterspotlight.com and I think this is one of the best ways to make money online.
31 Aug 2012 @ 11:24

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actually,everyone needs trustable online job offers.All they don't know is that nothing comes easily.Trust your job creator and strive to achive a win-win situation at the end of the day.You know what i mean.
27 May 2013 @ 11:56

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