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How to successfully live with someone who’s addicted to football


Date Posted: 12/4/2012 4:28:12 AM

Posted By: sashoo  Membership Level: Silver  Total Points: 382

The secret is really not to complain. Repeated complaining could in fact can make the football addict vacate somewhere else where they’ll find solace. This ‘somewhere else’ may be a football field, football fans, or fellow football play-mates. If you did not know, soccer acts as a place where football addicts find solace; it’s a place where they run to, just to forget about their problems. Which is why you should not complain repeatedly to a soccer addict as it’ll just make them improve on their soccer addiction.

Yet, to some extent this habit could make sense; after all, we all need to hide away from our usual problems, plus hiding our feelings in our hobbies is not any bad, either. On the other hand, the only one bad thing about soccer is that someone could be so lost in the lives of couches and players. Actually the lifestyles of couches and players seem to control the addicts’ emotions. I know it can be difficult to appreciate this if you don’t fancy sports. But it’s tantamount to being addicted to those soap operas; let’s face it, it really could be difficult to part ways with soap operas if you are an addict, right?

Back to soccer. The emotions of soccer addicts further can be carried away by the lows and highs of either losing or winning. While the results can be taken to be personal, it truly could be daunting to appreciate the extent of this addiction. However, the degree of your relationship with soccer could well improve if you tackle the challenge with an approach that is well thought out and realistic at the same time.

Obviously, a football fan would resist a direct attack. Yes, they will even deny the magnitude of the problem at hand, just like any other addict.

These addicts will always be on the defensive. Upon attacking them, they could accuse you of robbing them of their only joy in life, or accuse you of taking things way out of hand. You also want to know that the addicts will always be on the offensive as this is the only sure way of defense.

Certainly, handling a soccer addict can really be tricky. Yet, knowing when to talk to these people might as well do the drill. Also, you have to be calm and stop accusing them of letting you down. Actually, you have to keep your expectations realistic. Keep in mind that it is an addict you’re dealing with, and calculate every word that comes from your lips.

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