Factors which hinder education in Kenya.


Date Posted: 11/5/2011 6:59:09 PM

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Kenya has been known to have one of the best educational system globally,producing world-class students who excel and shine in academics.Some things however hinder our potential students from reaching the classes and scaling on to higher heights.

The factors include:
1. Poverty-Despite education being made free in primary schools and very cheap in secondary schools,poverty still manages to keep children home.University education is quite expensive and many parents cannot afford.Students from poverty stricken areas are faced with problems such as lack of reading and writing equipment,hunger,lack of sanitary towels and drought.Such hardships make one opt for a second option to education.With the economy at its highest,parents are struggling to keep their children in school more so universities.

2. Gender inequality-The issue of gender has long been a problem to tackle.In areas of upper Rift Valley,North Eastern and Coast province,girls are married off at very tender ages.They are traded for money and goods.Some boys are also told to herd animals and marry at young ages.The government has hence placed a heavy penalty for any parent said to bar his/her child from education with other intention.

3. Peer pressure and drug abuse-Substance use such as use of cocaine,heroin, bhang and alcohol is popular in schools these days.The use of the above leads to lack of concentration,Hiv/AIDS,gang group creation,teenage pregnancy and prostitution.Once a student indulges/gets caught up in any of the above vices,there is less if no hope at all for him/her to continue learning.

The above are the leading factors hindering education in Kenya. Curbs and measures should be taken in order to ensure education and knowledge gets to our children.

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