Mama Ngina Girls High School details

  • Address: Kilingo Area, P.O. BOX 81074, Mombasa 80100
  • Location: Mombasa
  • Telephone Number: 041-2312658
  • Email Address: 041-2229030
  • School Website:

About Mama Ngina Girls High School

Latest reviews by students and alumni

Mama Ngina Girls High School Reviews and Rating by Students and Alumni: 4.7 out of 5 based on 6 ratings and 6 reviews.
  • Dorah Akinyi Aloo Owuor(Class of 2011)
    The school offered a good foundation.
    I love the principle Mrs.Rassul,at first i did not understand why she was so hard on us but now i got it.
    I love the school in general.
  • Lydia Mole(Class of 2010)
    The school was ok but mostly i loved my class 4 red. It was amazing not forgetting Mrs Mutua, our adorable class teacher!
  • Irene Simiyu-Lusenaka(Class of 1998)
    It was where I learnt sisters dont necessarily have to be related. A great school led by an even greater woman.
  • Shamim Rishard Hussein(Class of 2013)
    I am a student at Mama Ngina girls and i live in Mombasa.
    I really like my school very much.
  • Sarah Habiya Katana(Class of 2014)
    The school is okay for now.

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