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School NameEmbu High School

AddressOff Embu-Meru Highway, P.O. BOX 956, Embu 60100



Phone Number 1068-30247

Phone Number 2


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School CategoryPrivate Secondary Schools

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Embu High School alumni and students

Below find a list of some of students and alumni members of the school.

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  • Ndwiga Preston Mukundi(Class of 2013)
  • Eric Mugo(Class of 2010)
    This was my high school and it taught me nt only books knowledge but also important life skills...I now work with Madison Insurance...Enjoy your stay(MAVADO)
  • James Munene Njue(Class of 2013)
    Am currenty undertaking electrical engineering at mombasa technical embu high made me mould my future.
  • John Mburu(Class of 2012)
    am currently undertaking financial engineering at jkuat
  • Robert Njega Muthii(Class of 2010)
    I'm currently a student at Egerton,Kisii Campus taking a Degree in COMPUTER SCIENCE. My home place is Kerugoya,Central Kenya. I like to be associated with Embu High because it helped mould my current as well as my future to be.
  • Kibiru Duncan Gichuhi(Class of 2009)
    am now a student at highway and embu school taught me to be a real man

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