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  • Address: P.O.Box 100,Kikima 90125
  • Location: Kikima
  • Telephone Number: 58
  • Email Address:
  • School Website:

About Mbooni Girls Secondary School

Latest reviews by students and alumni

Mbooni Girls Secondary School Reviews and Rating by Students and Alumni: 4.5 out of 5 based on 12 ratings and 12 reviews.
  • Ane Wambui Gitiiya(Class of 2009)
    Overall Rating:1Mbooni Girls is located on top of Mbooni Hills. I loved the landscape of the school. The landscape is amazing and one can see Mt. Kilimanjaro during morning hours; to be precise, between 6:00 and 6:30 a.m. The worst thing about the school is the menu. Tea has no milk, bread is eaten once or twice a month and every day during lunch, the menu is either Githeri or Muthokoi. Supper is normally Ugali apart from Saturdays where they serve rice. The good thing about the school is that teachers are very friendly and easy to talk to. It also is a provincial school making it one of the best schools in Machakos county.
    +1     -0
  • Daisy Kanana(Class of 2013)
    Overall Rating:5Am a student in Kenyatta university pursuing bachelor of economics and statistic.
    +0     -0
  • Faith Syokau Julius(Class of 2013)
    Overall Rating:5A computer scientist.
    +0     -0
  • Faith Sila(Class of 2010)
    Overall Rating:5Mbooni girls remains to be my best school.
    +1     -0
  • Maureen Mbithe Mutuku(Class of 2009)
    Overall Rating:5I am a student at moi university taking engineering.
    +0     -0
  • Susan Loko Muia(Class of 2007)
    Overall Rating:5Currently pursuing bachelor of educatiön(eng/lit) at Egerton university.
    +0     -0
  • Carolynn Maingi(Class of 1996)
    Overall Rating:5Currently a technician at Kenya power in Nanyuki.
    +0     -0
  • Ivyne Njambi Kubai(Class of 2009)
    Overall Rating:5
    +0     -0
  • Janet Raph(Class of 2005)
    Overall Rating:4
    +0     -0
  • Catherine Mukenyi Mboka(Class of 2000)
    Overall Rating:5
    +0     -0

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