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School NameChania Boys High School

AddressWorkshop Road, P.O. BOX 45, Thika 01000



Phone Number 1067-22364

Phone Number 2


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School CategoryPublic Secondary Schools

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Chania Boys High School alumni and students

Below find a list of some of students and alumni members of the school.

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  • James Mwaura Njuguna(Class of 2014)
    It is a good school.
  • Wilfred Mwangi(Class of 2009)
    I am now a registered nurse
  • Wilson Omoro Midhodho(Class of 1982)
    Am currently employed in Del Monte-Thika, working in plantation section where i reside. Chania boys absorbs many students within locality of Thika than Thika high school, being the only two boys's schools within Thika town. The school have also been well equipped with laid down infrastructure to make students learn with ease.
  • John Waweru(Class of 2013)
    A place where dreams come to life.
  • Thomas Otieno Ngoha(Class of 2006)
    This was a milestone in my life, I made friends and brothers in this family
  • Chander Assi(Class of 1965)
    After Senior Cambridge, continued education in UK qualifying as Mech Engineer. Enjoy travelling.
  • Mathew Mukuha Mwangi(Class of 2011)
    This is the school of character where men of valor are made.
    It is a stepping stone in life.
    This school has made me to be who i am. I was a leader there and as usual: once a chaniarian, always a chaniarian.
    Currently i am in Mombasa University taking Bachelor Of Civil Engineering.
  • Kevin Kahara Muchene(Class of 2010)
  • Hiram Ndirangu Njuguna(Class of 1993)
    Working with ministry of environment.

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