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School NameKoelel High School

AddressP.O.Box 151,Gilgil 20116



Phone Number 1050-401-5489/5292/5295

Phone Number 2


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School CategoryPublic Secondary Schools

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Koelel High School alumni and students

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  • Victor Kimemia(Class of 2009)
  • Nicodemus Wachira (Class of 2013)
    I graduated with a grade B- of 59 points
  • Kennedy Mwangi(Class of 2014)
    the school nurtures one to manhood rather than intellectually alone
  • Duncan Munene(Class of 2010)
    gud skul but the beating.. nkt;; currently in kabianga uni
  • Franklin Macharia Muiruri(Class of 2010)
    two eords.. HELL HOLE!! Buut what dont kill u make u stronger ryt.
  • Douglas Kenyatta Asati(Class of 1996)
    I work with a ministry that has nothing to do with thoghts. You are all welcomed.
  • Jessy Ngotho Muigai(Class of 2008)
  • Steve(Class of 1987)
    am a teacher
  • Elimlim Labaan(Class of 2008)
    doing B.com and live in Naivasha. like where i school but what i do.....
  • Aloyce Okemba(Class of 2009)
    Im currently doing CPA & staying in NAKURU.I like the shool coz of it`s unique location in the MILITARY BASE.
  • Antony Mbugua(Class of 1999)
    I'm an accountant by profession,working with Sher Karuturi Flowers and I'm based in Naivasha.
  • Jonny Mutulaz(Class of 2005)

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