Loreto Matunda High School details

School NameLoreto Matunda High School

AddressP.O.Box Private Bag,Moi's Bridge 30104

City/Town/StateMoi's Bridge


Phone Number 1053-72354

Phone Number 2


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School CategoryPublic Secondary Schools

About Loreto Matunda High School

Loreto Matunda High School alumni and students

Below find a list of some of students and alumni members of the school.

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  • Trizah Wamboi(Class of 2014)
  • Tiltich Winnie(Class of 2012)
    I am who I am because of Loreto ...
  • Lydia J.Boen(Class of 1995)
    Perfect dream school.
  • Cecilia Bengat(Class of 1993)
    Currently working in Kenya Ports Authority Mombasa. I thank God for Loreto it made me who i am today. God bless Loreto Matunda.
  • Joyce Achenchi(Class of 2008)
    Am studying aviation in russia,iam whom i am because of loreto
  • Elizabeth Wambui(Class of 1987)
    I'm a freelance editor and Human Rights Defender
  • Joan Tanui(Class of 2004)
    Student at Egerton university.
  • Tabuka, Elizabeth Tundi(Class of 2005)
    Am teaching at Mama ngina girls Mombasa. I am who i am because of the culture of Loreto i love it.
  • Maria Ndinda Ndunda(Class of 1985)
    It is the best school
  • Doreen Kainda(Class of 2009)
    Am studying in Germany.
  • Waliaula Simui Lilian(Class of 2009)
    Am in CUEA studying English Language and Literature Well...the memories wahhhh
  • Ivy German(Class of 2010)
    Loreto is a model school
  • Belinda Auma Oketch(Class of 1998)
    The best school with the best staff in the WORLD!!!lol

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