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  • Address: P.O. BOX 198, Kaloleni 80105
  • Location: Kaloleni
  • Telephone Number: 0733-784890
  • Email Address:
  • School Website:

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Latest reviews by students and alumni

Ribe Boys Secondary School Reviews and Rating by Students and Alumni: 4.5 out of 5 based on 23 ratings and 23 reviews.
  • Gabriel Mburugu Mwaura(Class of 2013)
    Overall Rating:4The school is located at very conducive learning environment which makes it produce brilliant individuals in the modern market. Ribe is one of the schools that offer quality education to students in Kenya.

    Education is affordable and the cost is friendly to students and equally safe for students accommodation.

    Facilities in the school are some of the things that I did not like.No well maintained washrooms, no well controlled dining hall, no well organised games session and no 100% class attendances by teachers.
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  • Joseph M. Nyachwaya(Class of 2000)
    Overall Rating:5I have not been there for quite some time but its my wish to see the school progress as of now if at all i could get invitation from the principal.
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  • Nyangala Mark Nyamawi (Class of 2013)
    Overall Rating:3One of the best high schools well performing academic for hard workers. Get to learn a lot mind wise even physically in divine environments peaceful. Develop your studies and spiritual life here.. .you should be there.
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  • Okora James(Class of 2015)
    Overall Rating:4Ribe Boys High school is a center is academic excellence for it is the top public school in Kilifi county and also among the top schools at the coast. Students there are highly disciplined. The school is well furnished with facilities that facilitate
    the day to day activities. In terms of structures especially the classes something as to be done for the classrooms are very old some of them dating to 1930s when the school was started by the Methodist Church missionaries. The good thing is that the old classrooms are well maintained. The boarding facilities are perfectly built and maintained. To sum I can proudly say I enjoyed my student life at Ribe Boys and can proudly call Ribe Boys my home.
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  • John Chiwai(Class of 2018)
    Overall Rating:5The school is located in Kaloleni. It is one of the best schools according to my view. The level of academics, discipline and infrastructure of the school is high. In Coast Province, I think Ribe Boys has the best teachers ever. They are always punctual and they love their job. This in turn rises the performance of the students in academics. I remember when I was reporting during form one, I was warmly welcomed by the teachers. Despite the fact that I knew nothing about the school, one teacher whom I met that day oriented me. She took me through the school compound. It was such a welcoming experience. The students are always disciplined and cheerful. This was clearly illustrated when I was admitted. The students welcomed me warmly and I was not harassed by any. Discipline, respect and hard work is the school motto. The school was declared a national school in 2012. The infrastructure of the school is not that upgraded. Some of the class rooms roofs are leaking and even some classes have no windows. The dormitories are old and not well furnished but plans of upgrading them are being laid down. Come next year that is 2016, the school would be better and it would offer a good learning environment.

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  • Ibrahim Opiyo(Class of 2016)
    Overall Rating:5Good remarks
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  • Jumah Lennox(Class of 2010)
    Overall Rating:5I love Ribe Boys School.
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  • Ndune Mwadziwe Hamisi(Class of 2012)
    Overall Rating:5Am doing a bachelor degree of INDUSTRIAL CHEMISTRY at PWANI UNIVERSITY main campus-Kilifi. I reside in Rabai constituency along Mombasa-Nairobi Highway (Mazeras,Mariakani). Ribe boys was my Best place in my dream cultivation.
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  • Amani Lennox(Class of 2014)
    Overall Rating:5Am inquiring medical courses at the various university,I love Ribe Boys reason being that it taught me to be a responsible man in the outside world
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  • Stephen T. Nguma(Class of 2007)
    Overall Rating:4
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