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School NameKaimosi Girls High School

AddressP.O.Box Private Bag,Tiriki 50309



Phone Number 1056-41488

Phone Number 2


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School CategoryPublic Secondary Schools

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Kaimosi Girls High School alumni and students

Below find a list of some of students and alumni members of the school.

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  • Isabella Matioli(Class of 1994)
    Studied Catering and later health administration. I live in Kakamega.
    2nd term was the coolest with a lot of rain and mist. We used to report to Form 1 with gumboots and umbrellas. Is the tradition still there?
  • Winnie Braxides Mudeitsi(Class of 2014)
    Am currently on vacation in Mombasa and I absolutely loved GBS with the mentorship from my teachers. Long live GBS!
  • Videnyi Sarah(Class of 2014)
    Proud alumni i am,, long live kaigee!!!
  • Natasha Mudi(Class of 2014)
    Kaimosi Girls literally made and molded me,i am so glad i had the chance to study at this wonderful school.
  • Allan(Class of 2015)
    My school of choice. Good to be in Kaimosi.
  • Rahab Shimuli(Class of 2012)
    Proud to be a Kaimosian.
  • Justus Bumbe(Class of 2014)
    The principal's leadership is just wow. Long live Opala Violet. We honour you mun.
  • Esther Achieng Oguk(Class of 1995)
  • Salome Munyekenye(Class of 1999)
  • Mildred Vihenda Isabella(Class of 1997)
    Working in Mombasa, I like Kaimosi Girls it made me what I am today.
  • Catherine Vutita(Class of 1994)
    RN working in Nairobi
  • Metrine Khadioli(Class of 2005)
    Currently through with my undergraduate degree and preparing for my masters. Kaimosi Girls is a great school. through out my stay, I acquired morals and values that continue to shape my life up to today and I thank God that I had a chance to study in such a wonderful school.

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