Edenpark Kindergarten details

  • Address: 34800-00100.Nairobi
  • Location: Nairobi
  • Telephone Number: +254722495573
  • Email Address: edenparkkindergarten@gmail.com
  • School Website:

About Edenpark Kindergarten

Children attend Edenpark kindergarten to learn to communicate, play, and interact with others appropriately. Our teachers provide various materials and activities to motivate these children to learn the language and vocabulary of reading, mathematics, and science, as well as that of music, art, and social behaviors. For children who previously have spent most of their time at home, Edenpark kindergarten may serve the purpose of helping them adjust to being apart from their parents without anxiety. It may be their first opportunity to play and interact with a consistent group of children on a regular basis. By Director Esther Karioki +254722495573

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