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  • Address: Sacho Market, Kabarnet-Tenges Road, P.O. BOX 50, Kabarnet 30400
  • Location: Kabarnet
  • Telephone Number: 053-22515
  • Email Address:
  • School Website:

About Sacho High School

Sacho High School is situated 20 km from Kabarnet on the Kabarnet-Tenges Road. It is surrounded by a natural serene environment conducive to learning. It is a mixed boarding school offering 8-4-4 curriculum with Computer Studies and French. The school has a qualified and dedicated team of teaching staff who reside on the compound for maximum contact with students. The school offers modern library and laboratory facilities, a modern pool surrounded by a natural environment, holiday teaching and remedial teaching. The school was founded in 1982 by His Excellency the second President of the Republic of Kenya, Honourable Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi. The School runs on strict Christian Principles.

Latest reviews by students and alumni

Sacho High School Reviews and Rating by Students and Alumni: 4.7 out of 5 based on 20 ratings and 20 reviews.
  • Dan Okiring Papa(Class of 2015)
    Overall Rating:5Sacho High School is the place to be. It is a very amazing place to conduct your studies. Amazing facilities, in fact the best. The school is all about technology. Everything is digitized internet access is a norm and the library is the place to be. The teachers one word AMAZING and another QUALIFIED. If you are looking for an all round student...A person who will be integrated into society smoothly think no further. Quality comes at a price. And to think the school admits students with marks from 350 and manages to make the academic giants of the country uncomfortable.
    +0     -0
  • Sergon Kiprop Micah(Class of 2011)
    Overall Rating:5Empowered i was,global i now think. Exciting it was,learning i did. Excellence i believed,excellence i got. Sacho i trace,Sacho i belong.
    +2     -1
  • James(Class of 2000)
    Overall Rating:5I am a pharmacist and had fun in sacho.
    +0     -0
  • Mercy Kemei(Class of 2010)
    Overall Rating:52010 was the best. Thanks to all my 2010 fellow students and teachers. You made my life in Sacho the best.
    +1     -0
  • Lawi Lotieng(Class of 2012)
    Overall Rating:52012 class it was nice
    +0     -0
  • Mathew Borois(Class of 2008)
    Overall Rating:5This is a great institution of knowledge.
    +0     -0
  • Isaacaura(Class of 2012)
    Overall Rating:4A wonderful school.
    +0     -0
  • Joseph K. Chesaro(Class of 1992)
    Overall Rating:5It was exciting being at Sacho high school. Currently at Kenya pipeline Eldoret and living in Eldoret.
    +0     -0
  • Collins Cheruiyot(Class of 2009)
    Overall Rating:4A currently based at Maseno university,doing a course called Applied statistics with IT. Sacho is a great institution and i believe its one of the best institution in the country. Continue to uphold the good name you have. All the best.
    +0     -0
  • Alex Ambetsa(Class of 2008)
    Overall Rating:5
    +0     -0

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