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School NameMary Leakey Girls High School

AddressP.O. BOX 23080, Nairobi



Phone Number 1020-2044633

Phone Number 2


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School CategoryPublic Secondary Schools

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Mary Leakey Girls High School alumni and students

Below find a list of some of students and alumni members of the school.

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  • Rosemary Njambi(Class of 1997)
    I'm a computer tutor residing in Kiambu. What i liked about Mary Leakey is the spirit of unity among the students and teachers.
  • Mugendi Edna Nyawira(Class of 2014)
    Nice school.
  • Thelma Wanjiru Mugure(Class of 2014)
  • Lindah Lucy Njeri(Class of 2009)
    It is the best school ever,thanks to Madam Mwiti, now am boldly in the Business world currently a Corporate Sales Executive.
    Thanks to our supportive principal Madam Waiganjo.
    I live in Langata.
    ML you made me what i am today.
  • Mohryn Kimata(Class of 2009)
    This place molded me,i would not have been able to come this far.
    Am now a student at Egerton Eastern Campus studying Criminology and doing well.
    Forever grateful,Mary Leakey you will always be my home.
  • Sharon Selein(Class of 2010)
    It was amazing studying at Mary Leakey.
    One is able to be develop to major and important spheres of life.
    Long live Mary Leakey.
  • Lindah Magreat(Class of 2009)
    Am doing Hospitality and Tourism Management,am proud to be an alumna.
    Thanks to all my my geography and home science teachers.
  • Irene Salim(Class of 1988)
    Oh this was a wonderful school. I miss Mrs. Mwangi our headmistress then and Miss Kibue the deputy. They made me who I am today. God Bless them greatly. Currently I am an IT trainer in NGSA Academy Nyeri.
  • Chege Esther Wambui(Class of 2011)
    Am an undergraduate student pursuing B.ed(arts)English and Literature at Kenyatta University and settled in Kiamdu.
    I just love this school for it made me who i am today, i have great memories of it.
  • Grace Wanjiru Kamau(Class of 2006)
  • Munyui Eve(Class of 2008)
  • A(Class of 2004)
    I joined The University of Nairobi(studied Economics) and Star College of Management Studies(CPA K),now an Accountant at an NGO Africa Policy Institute in Upper Hill.
    This school,loving it is an understatement.God bless Mary Leakey.
  • Carole Akoth(Class of 2009)
    I am doing Information Technology(IT).
    Thanks Mary Leakey fraternity for what i am today.
  • Nancy(Class of 1988)
    I reside in Nairobi and the school was good!
  • Mary W. Njenga(Class of 2007)
    Am currently at Kenyatta University doing Economics and Statistics.
    Mary Leakey was just the best high school i could ever have attended!
  • Veronica Mwaura(Class of 2003)
    This is a timely opportunity!!!

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