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  • Address: P.O. BOX 23080, Nairobi
  • Location: Nairobi
  • Telephone Number: 020-2044633
  • Email Address:
  • School Website:

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Latest reviews by students and alumni

Mary Leakey Girls High School Reviews and Rating by Students and Alumni: 4.5 out of 5 based on 18 ratings and 18 reviews.
  • Effie Mamai(Class of 2014)
    Overall Rating:2Mary Leakey is the best School for teenage girls. It is a School that makes every young girls dreams achievable. I enjoyed everything in the School. Teachers in that School were great and awesome. I miss madam Kanyi.
    +0     -0
  • Phyllis Magoma(Class of 2009)
    Overall Rating:5I am a nutritionist by profession,currently undertaking a Bsc in the same field.
    Come to think of it,Mary Leakey was the best high school i ever attended.
    If taken back and asked to choose a school, i would definitely choose Mary Leakey.
    +3     -0
  • Rosemary Njambi(Class of 1997)
    Overall Rating:4I'm a computer tutor residing in Kiambu. What i liked about Mary Leakey is the spirit of unity among the students and teachers.
    +0     -0
  • Mugendi Edna Nyawira(Class of 2014)
    Overall Rating:4Nice school.
    +0     -0
  • Thelma Wanjiru Mugure(Class of 2014)
    Overall Rating:5
    +0     -1
  • Lindah Lucy Njeri(Class of 2009)
    Overall Rating:5It is the best school ever,thanks to Madam Mwiti, now am boldly in the Business world currently a Corporate Sales Executive.
    Thanks to our supportive principal Madam Waiganjo.
    I live in Langata.
    ML you made me what i am today.
    +0     -0
  • Mohryn Kimata(Class of 2009)
    Overall Rating:4This place molded me,i would not have been able to come this far.
    Am now a student at Egerton Eastern Campus studying Criminology and doing well.
    Forever grateful,Mary Leakey you will always be my home.
    +1     -0
  • Sharon Selein(Class of 2010)
    Overall Rating:5It was amazing studying at Mary Leakey.
    One is able to be develop to major and important spheres of life.
    Long live Mary Leakey.
    +0     -0
  • Lindah Magreat(Class of 2009)
    Overall Rating:5Am doing Hospitality and Tourism Management,am proud to be an alumna.
    Thanks to all my my geography and home science teachers.
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  • Irene Salim(Class of 1988)
    Overall Rating:5Oh this was a wonderful school. I miss Mrs. Mwangi our headmistress then and Miss Kibue the deputy. They made me who I am today. God Bless them greatly. Currently I am an IT trainer in NGSA Academy Nyeri.
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