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  • Address: Kenyatta Avenue, P.O. BOX Private Bag, Thika 01000
  • Location: Thika
  • Telephone Number: 067-21618
  • Email Address:
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Latest reviews by students and alumni

Thika High School Reviews and Rating by Students and Alumni: 4.8 out of 5 based on 12 ratings and 12 reviews.
  • Waithera John Kahara(Class of 2011)
    Being an old boy of Thika high school,i can say this school moulded me from being boy to a man. At first i never liked the school due to old blocks, hot Thika sun and being near Bidco industry, you can guess the smell.
    Thika high school has been a disciplined school right from when we were there, thanks to no nonsense principle Mr Mwangi. We used to call him 'Biggie'. Famous for his harsh look and i knew everyone can relate the taste of his slaps.
    Thika High as we used to call it 'Hae' has four classes in each form;that is G,Y,R,and P, all representing colours. During our time G or Y always led academically,while R from form 1R to 4R were always the last
    The school is well developed having a well stocked library, labs for all three sciences,a large hall which serve as church,about 15 dormitories and during our time there was 700 plus student.
    During my time in Thika high school, best moments were weekends because of
    entertainment. Talking about worst moment,lets talk about a room called PR(Prefect room). This room was like Nyayo house. Once prefect found you on the wrong, many can relate the beating they got there. Especially form 1 and 2s. Later administration came to realize the much power given to prefects and beatings were banned.
    If you have an intention to study, Thika high is the best place.
  • Evans Mutinda(Class of 2014)
    It is one of the best schools for secondary education. Teachers, not only teach the class content but also guide the students for life after high school. Students score good grades mainly because the qualified teachers give their best and are motivated. Also, aspects such as a conducive reading environment and general discipline among students cannot be ignored as key factors to the school's success. I like how the school management gives students a chance to participate in functions and contests, it opens up the students' mind. When I think about the bad in the school, I am blank. I can only recommend success-oriented parents or students to Thika High School and they won't be disappointed.
  • Simon Kanyingi Muigai(Class of 2001)
    I have a tour company by the name of Rated Fun Ventures based in Nairobi, that offers fun tours and activities.
    I am also the marketing and media consultant for a programme called Small Business Excellence run by a Company called Gateway Succcess Consultancy. I have worked in the Media (Nation and Citizen), Education (Wisemen Trainers and Consultants) and Hospitality (Eat Out)industry for the past six years.
  • Geoffrey Juma Njuguna(Class of 2008)
    Am proudly living a product of Thika High School and am proud that i belong to the family.
    I live in Thika where i run my business.
    I was completely inspired by the motto:"Abundant of Life"
  • Joseph Kimani Giita(Class of 2011)
    This is actually the school that molded my future,i will never forget it.
    Am now at The university doing a degree in Biotechnology,i like the school.
  • Isaac Kairu Njoroge(Class of 1985)
    I am currently working in the civil service and living in Murang'a County.
    I feel attached to the school as it is a component of my life.
  • Anthony Mwangi(Class of 2013)
    I am still studying at the university at the moment.
    Thika high school is the best school.
    I am always proud to have been there.
  • Richard Muriithi Mumo(Class of 1982)
    I am currently an engineer at City Council of Nairobi.
  • Martin Mwenda Mwiti(Class of 2010)
    This is where i belong.

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