How to prepare “Muratina”


Date Posted: 9/27/2011 7:04:01 AM

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Muratina is a Kikuyu traditional African brew. It is named from a fruit which is made from.
Here is a simple procedure of how the indigenous drink is brewed.

1. Cut the fruits into pieces and dry them in the sun, then boil them in water.
2. Sun dry the fruits again and then add sugarcane juice and keep in a warm place for the day.
3. Again sun dry the fruits and finally mix them with a lot of sugarcane juice.
4. Keep the mixture for fermentation for around four days.
5. If the drink is a bit sour and has the typical alcohol odor then it is ready.


Mzee wa kienyeji
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I am planning to start a bussiness in brewing local 'muratina' drink and i don't know the proccedure to follow.please assist.
01 Mar 2012 @ 12:43

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Mzee wa kienyeji, I hope you are ready to face unstoppable police forces buzzing to your home, for either arresting you or asking for brides. Actually, simonmburu I think you are talking about ''kaiyapo'' fruits.
02 Oct 2012 @ 07:13

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