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The role of extracurricular activities to college students in Kenya


Date Posted: 9/26/2011 5:22:52 PM

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As important as it is to concentrate on our education, it matters what we do during our free time in college. Idle minds are the devils workshop, so it is said, and students often find themselves sliding into immorality soon after their class sessions. There are better ways in which a student can spend his leisure time instead of crawling back into their hostels for some movies or computer games i.e. engaging in sports, dancing lessons and sessions, discussion forums, music and drama.
Below, i have outlined some of the importance of these co-curricular activities to a student:

1. Vigorous activities such as games, exercises and swimming are important in the physical development of a person. Physical fitness improves one’s health and prevents heart diseases.

2. Relaxation; a student that engages in activities such as debates, dram, music and games is likely to refresh his mind after a hard day’s work and therefore have more concentration in his studies afterwards.

3. Extra-curricular activities help students to interact with each other, form networks and thus develop teamwork and public relations skills that are essential in the job market.

4. Extracurricular activities are also important in identification and nurturing of hidden talent among students. They are encouraged to come out and showcase themselves and as such discover their strengths in other areas.

5. Extracurricular activities provide a sense of belonging to students. A student who participates in games or is a member of a club feels more free and at home with the members than he does with his classmates.

6. They are a way of making money; students who go out for trips other than academic ones are usually given some allowances that go a long way in boosting their welfare. These students therefore utilize their fee fully as they regain more than their activity fee.

Despite these

advantages, students should be careful not to give too much to these activities at the expense of their studies, with good planning and time management, any student is able to reap the full benefits of these activities, join one today.

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