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Date Posted: 10/17/2011 1:29:21 PM

Posted By: Raychelle  Membership Level: Silver  Total Points: 184

College students have for a long time been labelled broke.This is because they are considered dependent on their parents and guardians.That should however not be the case.Anyone with basic knowledge of computers and more especially the internet should not wait for parents' support.Atleast not in the pocket money department.The internet is a free market ready for exploitation.

All you need are basic research skills that many are taught during their first year in college.Find a genuine website that needs writers for different fields.Especially find one that accomodates students.

Most of these websites require a curriculum vitae so make one that appropriately markets you and your interests.After that you will be required to do a grammar test and another that tests your research skills and most probably your typing speed.

That will be the last part of your registration.You will then wait for an account confirmation.You can now start to take orders.Make sure you meet deadlines and research well to avoid your account being closed down.

Lastly do not forget your academics they are the reason you are in college.

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