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Mistreating children is a serious Crime


Date Posted: 11/16/2012 2:49:54 PM

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This is the violation of child rights regardless of gender, race or social status. Children from poor backgrounds, the physically and mentally challenged are most affected.

At this stage (2-6 years) child growth and development is crucial. Abuse and neglect are common because children are weak and fully dependent on caretakers as evidenced in a research conducted in 2005 and 2008 by The US Department of Health and Human Resources.

In an attempt to cub this maltreatment, the Division of Youth Services in New Jersey and the Administration for Children's Services in New-York experienced problems in co-ordination among members, and services offered.

To ensure effectiveness in performance, these agencies need to consider three main areas: First, the number of workers should be increased, their salaries raised and working conditions improved.

Second, their duty performance should be improved, example when making an informed decision before placing a kid in a foster home. Third, the agencies need to be held responsible for all actions undertaken, thus should be under close supervision for maximum efficacy to be realized.

Measures that can be enforced to reduce child rights abuse in this country include; educating parents and caregivers on the implications of poor child management, advocating for adoption for those unable to bring up kids, punishing abusers and teaching social workers to identify forms of child abuse and the importance of reporting if any.

In conclusion, all forms of maltreatment must be reported. It should be effective if everybody is allowed to take part in stemming the vice, however, in many countries when such matters are handled by health professionals, care-providers and social-workers like teachers and nurses, a level of high competence and legal approach is realized.

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