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Making job advertisements


Date Posted: 11/23/2012 1:13:14 PM

Posted By: kevinmabz  Membership Level: Silver  Total Points: 397

Every time you read in the news or open the pages of daily publications of the print media,one is bombarded with numerous advertisements for positions that need to be filled.We often feel that some times this advertisements omits important details that are necessary before one can endeavor to make an application.The purpose of this article is to highlight key points that one should consider when posting a job advertisement.

One,it should inform the applicant about the company,its location and activities undertaken in that company.This will ensure relevant applications for the position are received.The company's name is a brand and therefore when started in a job advertisement,it portrays the image of the company in the eyes of the applicants and thus very qualified persons are likely to apply for the job

Secondly,a job advertisement should indicate the job title and the responsibilities.This serves the purpose of making it easy for the applicants to address their application to the appropriate department.

Job advertisements should also indicate the qualifications required.This provides a way of applicants to sort themselves out and see where they belong.The qualifications also serve the purpose of blocking unqualified people from applying.

Fourthly,a good job advertisement should clearly spell out the needed personal qualities and character.This is important because it influences the selection process.Every organization wants people of good character,accountable,and value honesty and integrity.Any one short of this qualities would not apply for the job and thus eliminating the possibility of bulk applications

Fifth,job advertisements should among other considerations indicate the salary,remuneration and benefits that will accrue to one interested in the job.
In addition,a job advertisement should indicate the mode of application either handwritten or typed of filling of forms,the dateline of submission of the applications and lastly,provide the address of the company,both postal and physical addresses.
As a matter of conclusion,good job advertisements indicate clearly

to whom the application should be addressed to.This can either be an office,a specific line of duty or a department.

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