Sell notes, summaries, schemes of work and e-books in Kenya

Kenyaplex offers students and teachers a chance to sell class and lecture notes online.
As part of our online earning program, we have now made it possible to monetize your high quality educational material such as class and lecture notes, study guides, lesson plans, articles, schemes of work, e-books and other resources.
Our system is fully automated and earnings reflect on your account immediately once a purchase is made.

How the process works

We have an interface through which you can post your content. You need to write a good description which contains comprehensive summary about your content. Please note that a good and appealing summary can make you sell more. You must upload your file in any format e.g. pdf, doc, docx. We however recommend uploading pdf file. Again, you need to categorize your content correctly so that it can appear on the right category.
When it comes to pricing, you can set any price you want. If after several views/visits you don't get many conversions/sales, you can always change your price.
Once you have filled all the required fields, now you can submit your content and wait for review which usually takes upto 48 hours. During the review process, we extensively scrutinize your content to see if it meets our content guidelines. If it meets our quality standards, we approve it and it starts appearing on the notes/tutorials marketplace. If it does not meet the standards, it gets deleted.
For your content to be accepted on our website, it must be of high quality. Please note that you can only post content you have created yourself. You cannot post someone else's work as your own.
Once someone buys your content, our system automatically notifies you via email. Your earnings also get updated in realtime on your Kenyaplex account.

How much do i earn for my uploaded content?

For every successful sale, you will earn between 50% and 60% of the total price, depending on your membership type. Kenyaplex retains 40% to cater for content hosting, marketing as well as payment processing.
There is no limit to the amount of money you can earn from your content. All what matters is the quality and relevance.

Remember this is a lifetime way of earning from your intellectual work!

Payment Process

All your earning get accumulated on your account till you reach the payment threshold of Ksh. 1,000.
Once you reach minimum payment threshold, a "Payment Request" button will automatically appear under the "Earnings and Payments" page. You should request payment on or before 20th day of the month so as to get paid during the current month. All requested payments are issued before the last day of the month.
We pay via Mpesa. For those not able to receive payment via mobile money transfer, we can pay via bank transfer and Paypal.

How to attract buyers and increase sales

  1. Ensuring that your content is original and high quality.
  2. By offering some of your notes for free. Once you have gained some views, you can then set a price.
  3. By adding detailed summary about your notes. A good description will attract buyers as they can tell at a glance what your content is all about.
  4. Sharing your notes and resources through social media such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest and Whatsapp. You can also market via email as well as posting on students noticeboards. Posting on social media groups, especially educational groups can increase viewership and boost your sales.
  5. Word of mouth. You can talk to your students or peers about your content on Kenyaplex and encourage them to visit.
Start Selling your notes today and create a passive source of income!

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