Physics form four revision questions

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Physics form four general revision questions

1. When a liquid is heated in a glass flask, it is observed that the level at first goes and then rises. Explain the observation.(2mks)
2. State one way in which the centripetal force on a body of mass(m) can be increased.(1mk)
3. A boy catches a cricket ?s ball of mass 0.15kg moving atavelocityof40m/s. Show that it hurts the boy more in trying to stop the bass in 0.01sec than stopping it in 0.5sec.(2mks)
4. a) State the principle of conservation of linear momentum.(1mk)
b) Distinguish between elastic and inelastic collision.(1mk)
c) A sticker kicks a ball of mass 200 g initially at rest with a force of 78N. Given that the foot was in contact with the ball for 0.30 s, determine the take–off velocity of the ball. (3mks)
d) A high jumper usually lands on a thick soft mattress. Explain how the mattress helps in reducing the force of impact.(2mks)

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