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  • Address: P.O Box 6560 00200
  • Location: Nairobi
  • Telephone Number: 020 316979,0721 992065
  • Email Address:
  • College Website:

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About Bell Institute of Technology

Bell Institute of Technology was founded in
2003.It is located at Twiga Towers, 6th Floor
Opposite Meridian Court Hotel
Moi Avenue/ Muranga Road Junction .

The college offers certificate and diploma programs
in the areas below:
(a)Video Production Design
(b)Laptop Repair
(c)Digital Video Production
(d)Mobile Phone Repair
(f)Graphic Design

The institute is accredited to the
organizations below:
(a)Computer Society of Kenya
(b)Ministry of Science and Technology
(c)Directorate of Industrial Training

Courses offered at Bell Institute of Technology (26 courses)

Certificate in Information Technology(Information Technology)
Applied computer science(computer)
Advanced Java(computer science)
Certificate in Database Administration( )
Computer Engineering Maintenance(Computer Science)
Advanced Certificate in Software Engineering(Computer Softwares)
Basic Computer Programming(Visual Basic, Java)
3D Modeling and Animation(Media)
Advanced Certificate in Computer Applications(Computer Applications)
Advanced Video Editing(Video Editing)
3D Digital Animation(Animation)
Graphic Design / Animation(Graphic Design)
3D Animation(Animation)
A+ Certification(A+)
Advanced Computer Programming(Visual Basic, Java)
N+ Certification( )
Certificate in N+ Networking(Networking)
Architectural Draughtmanship/Model making( )
Certificate in C++ Programming(C++ Programming)
Professional Computer Graphic Designer(Graphic Design)
ArchiCAD( )
AutoCAD( )
Certificate in Computer Operation(Computer Operation)
Certificate in Computer Hardware(Computer Hardware)
Certificate in 3D Graphic Design and Animation(3D Graphic Design)
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