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Certificate in Organizational System Strenghtening for Health(Organizational System Strenghtening for Health)
Certificate in Health issues and life skills for adolescent, for professional working with adolescent.(Health issues and life skills)
Certificate in GBV and HIV for Children(GBV and HIV for Children)
Certificate in WEMA Champions(WEMA Champions)
Certificate in Service Providers on Key Population(Service Providers on Key Population)
Diploma in Counseling: HIV testing and counseling in community and clinical settings(HTC)
Certificate in Health Issues and Life Skills for Adolescent(Health Issues and Life Skills for Adolescent)
Certificate in Peer Education and Leadership for Schools(Peer Education and Leadership for Schools)
Certificate in Post Rape Care(Trauma Counselling)
Certificate in Support Supervision and Management(Support Supervision and Management)
System Application Products(SAP)
VMWare Certified Professional(VMWare)
Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate(MCSA)
Certificate in Motor Rewinding(Motor Rewinding)
Craft Certificate in Sales and Marketing(Sales and Marketing)
Diploma in Public Service(Public Service)
Certificate in Nature Interpretation and Tour Administration(Nature Interpretation and Tour Administration)
Certificate in Aquaculture(Aquaculture)
Diploma in Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences(Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences)
Diploma in Organic Projects Fundraising and Resource Management(Projects Fundraising and Resource Management)
Diploma in Gender Mainstreaming in Organic Agriculture(Gender Mainstreaming in Organic Agriculture)
Diploma in Organic Waste Management(Organic Waste Management)
Diploma in Organic Food Technology(Organic Food Technology)
Diploma in Mechanization of Organic Farming Systems(Mechanization of Organic Farming Systems)
Diploma in Organic Farming Support Systems(Organic Farming Support Systems)
Diploma in Permaculture and Farm Design(Permaculture and Farm Design)
Diploma in Quality Management Systems(Quality Management Systems)
Diploma in Organic Value Chain Development(Organic Value Chain Development)
Diploma in Ecological Appropriate Technology(Ecological Appropriate Technology)
Diploma in Water Resources and Irrigation Management(Water Resources and Irrigation Management)

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