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Form 1 Cre video lessons and lectures

3 video courses

  •  Form 1 CRE Lessons on Creation and The Fall of Man

    In this session, we are going to learn about creation and the fall of man. Some of the topics content covered includes: 1. Biblical accounts of creation. 2. What shows that man is God’s special creation? 3. Similarities between the two accounts of creation. among others

    15 Video Lessons

  •  Form 1 CRE Lessons on The Bible

    In this session, we are going to cover CRE Form 1 topic 2 lessons on The Bible. Some of the content covered includes: 1. The Bible as the word of God 2. Reasons why Christians read the Bible. 3. The bible as a library 4. The divisions of the Bible 5. The Old Testament Books among others

    11 Video Lessons

  •  Form 1 CRE Introduction to Christian Religious Education Lessons

    In this session, we are going to learn the following: 1. What is Christian Religious Education? 2. Reasons for studying Christian Religious Education.

    2 Video Lessons