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Description of Service
Kenyaplex.com is a website offering educational services, resources and information as well as listings of educational institutions. The site also maintains a directory of businesses and companies in Kenya. The user is responsible for providing himself/herself all the equipment necessary to access this site. Such equipment may include computers, mobile phones, routers as well as fee charged by internet service providers.

Some user activities on this site requires one to register for a free account. Such activities include and are not limited to posting new content, joining alumni network, accessing past papers, creating tutor profile as well as submitting tutor request.
During account registration process, the user must provide true and accurate information about himself/herself on the registration form. Kenyaplex.com reserves the right to delete a person's account if we detect that the information provided during the registration process is inaccurate or false.

Use of the Site
Any person can post content or material on this site. Kenyaplex.com does not guarantee or warrant accuracy, reliability, completeness, timeliness, availability, accessibility and merchantability of information on this site.

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  • Post any material which can harm our visitors.
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  • Interfere with or disrupt the service ,servers or networks connected to the service.
  • Violate any applicable local, state, national or international law.

The content posted/published by users on this site becomes the property of Kenyaplex.com. We reserve the rights to use such content in any manner we like.

Kenyaplex.com editors reserves the right to reject, delete or modify any submitted content with or without giving any reasons.

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Kenyaplex.com respects the intellectual property of others. We expect the other users to do the same. If the user believes that his/her intellectual property rights have been violated please inform Kenyaplex.com authorities immediately with all necessary documents/information that authenticate your authority on your property.

Termination of user accounts
Kenyaplex.com, in its sole dicretion, may terminate your account, password, for any reason or if Kenyaplex.com believe that the user has violeted the terms of service.

Links to third party sites
Third party site links on this site are only for your convenience and we have no responsibility and control on third party links. If any link is misleading or changed or removed, we are not responsible for that.

The user's correspondence with or any business dealings with any of the advertisers found in Kenyaplex.com is solely between the user and the advertiser. The user should bear in mind that any loss or damage caused by such correspondence or dealings is not the responsibility or liability of Kenyaplex.com.

Product and company names mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners.

Terms and Conditions For Tutors Only

Kenyaplex inspects all tutor applications. One must be at least 18 years of age and have completed O level education.

We may request for information such as scanned academic documents and national identification card from tutors to validate any information provided on our online platform. We may suspend tutors who are found to have provided false information.

Guidelines for Conducting Lessons
All tutors to conduct themselves professionally and ethically. Inappropriate conduct may lead to termination of your account.

Basic Tutor Guidelines
-Do not be late for tuition.
-Always finish tuition session as agreed upon with the student/parent.
-Always inform student/parent in case of change in timings. Inform them a day in advance.
-Be kind to students and teach in a polite manner

Commission and Payment
Kenyaplex charges tutors 50% of the first month's tuition fees if the tuition is lasting for at least one month. Commission covers tuition fees for the first 2 weeks of lessons. As a tutor, you will receive payment directly from the parent/student at the end of 4 weeks of lessons for the 3rd and 4th week. For all other subsequent months, we do not charge commission and you will receive full tuition fees.

Any tuition added such as tuition for siblings or additional subjects during the first 3 months will be liable to commission payment.

For tuition lasting for period less than one month, we will charge a commission of 30% of the total tuition fee.

Tuition Cancellation
Students can cancel tuition after the first lesson. It is up to the tutor to impress the student/students with his/her teaching abilities. In case of tuition cancellation immediately after the first lesson, tutors will not get any payment. No cancellation will be accepted 2nd lesson onwards.

Non-Payment By Students/Parents
In case of any disputes or regards concerning tuition payment, Kenyaplex may step in to help resolve the stalemate. Kenyaplex will provide reasonable assistance within our means to help tutors claim money and vice versa. We shall however not be legally responsible for any payment disputes between tutors and tutees.

Tutor Duties
- Tutor can only contact tutee through Kenyaplex website. Any other means of contact are prohibited.
- A tutor must not request any upfront fees from tutee.
- A tutor is not an employee of Kenyaplex and accepts full responsibility for all income tax and all other liabilities arising from the use of Kenyaplex website.
- All tutor information posted on Kenyaplex must be accurate and kept up-to-date.
- A tutor must be aged 18 years and above.
- A tutor should not include email address and phone numbers in form fields like skills. Adding contact data in fields other than the assigned fields is prohibited.
- Kenyaplex is not responsible for making any payments to the tutor. Payments should be made directly to tutor from student/parent.
- A Tutor must not complete on behalf of the Tutee any coursework, essays, test/exam papers, quizzes or other assignments.
- Abusive language is strongly prohibited when dealing with tutees.

Terms and Conditions For Tutees

- Kenyaplex does not guarantee that a tutor will help student improve his academic grades. Self studying and concentration in school is also necessary to improve ones grade. Students have the right to cancel tuition after the first lesson if they are not satisfied with tutor's method or quality of teaching.
- A Tutee who is aged below 18 years of age must have consent from a parent or a guardian to register and that parent or guardian must enter into any agreement with a tutor to provide tuition services. It is the responsibility of that parent/guardian to check the credentials of the tutor. Kenyaplex is not responsible for any disputes regarding parental consent or any problems that a tutee or a parent/guardian has experienced with a tutor.
- You may verify tutor's identity and academic credentials if need be.
- A tutee must not pay tutor for lessons in advance. Kenyaplex is not responsible for any monetary loss that may occur as a result.
- A student or parent registering/posting a job on Kenyaplex should use accurate contact information.
- A Tutee must not request a tutor to complete coursework, essays, term work, test, quizzes or other assignments for them.
- A tutee must only contact a tutor through Kenyaplex website. Any other means of contact is prohibited.
- A tutee, guardian or parent is solely responsible for verifying credential, references, expertise and qualification of any tutor with whom he/she has agreed to book tuition with. Kenyaplex does not give guarantee that any information entered on the website by the tutor is correct or accurate.
- Abusive language is strongly prohibited.

Commission and Payment
Kenyaplex does not charge clients (students/parents). However, we charge tutors 50% of the first month's tuition fees. Clients are required to facilitate collection of the commission by transferring the right commission to us after a certain number of lessons have been conducted.

When tuition between tutor and tutee has been agreed and arranged, Kenyaplex will send an official invoice to the client. Clients are required to make the commission payment within three days of the stated due date. Payment instructions are usually stated on the invoice.


Kenyaplex reserves the right to amend our Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice.