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Explain five problems faced in the marketing milk in Kenya


Explain five problems faced in the marketing milk in Kenya



Seasonality of production – abundanceduring harvesting and scarcity during other times cause fluctuation of prices.
Storage - - storage costs are high due to highspace requirement. For some goods special storage facilities like cooler are required.
Bulkiness – agricultural products are too bulky for their value. Handling is difficult.

Perishability- Most agricultural products are highly perishable. This necessitates processing before storage or special storage facilities.
- Change in market demand –There is a lot of time between decision to produce and actual production. Thus prices may have changed adversely.
- Poor transport system-most agricultural areas are rural with impassable roads during rains. This affects delivery to the market.

- Inadequate/lack of market information. Information gaps allow farmers to be exploited by middleman. Product quality may not match consumer preferences.
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