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State and explain 2 types of reports.


State and explain 2 types of reports.



1. Brief/Short Report

They stick to facts and the writer’s opinion is not included. Subheadings are used
Often numbering and lettering is used to divide up material and make it easier to understand. The tone must be unemotional.

Organization of short reports

Title-It should be at the top of the page. It should be in capital letters or capitalize each first letter of each word. On the title page there should be the name of the author and the date.
Introduction-the purpose of the report is stated as clearly as possible. The writer also states why they are writing the writing.
Main Body-We present the subject matter of the report. The main body may include subheadings. The development of the body must be logical.
Conclusion-The discussion in the main body is summarized. It should not contain new ideas.

Types of Short Reports

Progress reports
Annual reports
Justification reports
Short analytical reports

2.Long Reports

Just like short reports, they use subheading to divide information. The subheadings are numbered and lettered. The numbering is of two types; Decimal System & use of Roman and Arabic Numericals together.
Organization of Long Reports

In addition to the above features (of a short report), long reports have a table of content, abstract, recommendation, acknowledgements, references and appendices.
Title (title page)
Table of contents
Main body

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