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Discuss the organizational changes and professional influences of counselling and guidance in schools


Discuss the organizational changes and professional influences of counselling and guidance in schools



As a result of these national initiatives, the 1950s saw a continued acceleration of the school counseling profession. This development was marked by particular events that altered the national counseling associations spearheading this professional movement. Another phenomenon that influenced the development of the counseling profession during this time was the introduction of several new theories of counseling. The 1950s continued this dialogue and witnessed the emergence of several new theories including behavior approaches such as implosive therapy (Stampfl, 1961) and systematic desensitization (Wolpe, 1958). The humanistic and existential movements, illustrated in the writings of Combs (1962), Jourard (1964), May (1966), and Maslow (1957), and the emergence of group counseling also influenced the profession. Although there was much overlap among the concepts of some of these theories, there were enough differences in terminology and philosophy to create an array of counseling models, methods and strategies. In 1976, Parloff identified more than 130counseling theories and approaches and since that the number has continued to grow. Some approaches to counseling, such as Reality Therapy (Glasser, 1965), multimodal counseling (Gerler, 1990), Adlerian counseling (Sweeney, 1998) and invitational counseling (Purkey and Schmidt, 1990, 1996), are more popular and compatible with school counseling programs.
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