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How to control spending and embrace the culture of saving


Date Posted: 9/7/2011 4:28:22 AM

Posted By: Wishstar  Membership Level: Gold  Total Points: 7507

Spending is one of those things which do not seem to stand in need of much explanation, but which are found to be very puzzling when we come to think about them. How we spend and whether we spend or save are very important things.

When we have money in our pockets it may seem that it really matters to ourselves more than to anyone else how we spend it. We can turn our money into many different things according to our tastes.

When we spend, and thus become consumers of commodities, we do something to benefit trade. In effect, the spending amounts to a command for certain workers to be employed.

However, we should control on how we spend. If a man spends all he receives as he receives it then has nothing left to fall back on in case of an emergency. Too many people are careless about saving and hence they do not invest.

Saving could be seen as the handmaid of invention. Invention is the main thing in wealth production. All the saving in the world would not avail much for the benefit of mankind unless science provided us with things in which to invest our savings worthily. It is our duty to devote work to carrying those inventions on a large scale, and that can only be done by saving the means to establish the necessary works.

Our nation has not yet made sufficient use of the inventor's ideas. If we want a better output of wealth, then we must make the best possible use of all the splendid inventions at our disposal. If people would save more, the condition of the nation would rapidly improve.

We should change and try to embrace the culture of saving.

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