AEC 301: Course Outline


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Expected Outcomes
-Apply accounting and record keeping principles to develop an effective data management and accounting system for the farm.
-Apply various analytical techniques to conduct farm business analysis and planning.
-Perform farm budgeting and gross margin analysis for the purpose of making farm plans.

Course Content:
The course concepts and planning techniques necessary for a manager to control and monitor the firm business; including management data, their use, collection, recording and analysis problem/difficulties in keeping firm records. Designing and presenting firm accounting systems including accounting methods and components of firm accounting systems. Firm business; activities of the firm business analysis. The balance sheet; the income statement; analysis of the net firm income techniques; enterprise budgeting; partial budgeting; complete budgeting and cash flow budgeting, program planning and linear programming.

Course Schedule

Definitions of farm management, farm as a basic unit of production, basic farm management decisions, basic functions of farm management
1.Data management in farm management
Importance of records, characteristics of good recording system, methods, phases and difficulties in keeping records
2.Firm accounting systems
Definitions of book-keeping and accounting, role of accounting.
3.Firm accounting systems
Fundamental accounting equation, double entry book keeping. Source documents, books of original entry, ledger, cash book, trial balance.
4.Financial statements
Balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement
5.Farm business analysis
Gross margin analysis
6.Farm business analysis
Net farm income, returns to land, capital, labour, management and equity
7.Farm business analysis
Farm budgeting and enterprise budgeting
8.Farm business analysis
Partial budgeting, complete budgeting and cash flow budgeting
9.Farm business analysis
Program planning and linear programming.

Mode of Assessment
Two Continuous Assessment Tests - 30%
Main Examination - 70%

Core Reference Material:
1.Saleem, Nisar Ahmad, 2010. Foundations of Accounting Simplified. Saleemi Publications, Nairobi.
2.Ronald Kay and William Edwards, 2011. Farm Management

1African Farm Management (1987) By Martin Upton
2.Montana, P.J and Charnov, B.H (2000) business Review management

book, Baron’s Educational Series
3.Banard, C.S. and Nix, J.S. 1973. Farm planning and control. Cambridge University Press-department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, 2010.
4.Sumelius, John. Economic Business Principles for Farm Management. University of Helsinki, Finland
Olukosi, J. O. and P. O. Erhbor (1987). Introduction to Farm Management Economics: Principles and Applications, AGITAB Publishers.
5.Bradford, L.A. and G.L. Johnson (1953) Farm Management Analysis. John Wiley and Sons Inc., New York.
Farm accounting and management 7th Ed..Published by: Pitman Books Limited, (Great Britain) 1967
6.Farm accounting and management/by Ford Sturrock 6th ed.Published by: Pitman Publishing Limited, (Nairobi :) 1971
7.Farm Management Pocketbook / Publication: 1974.
8.Farm business management / by Pearce, D.GPublication: 1958.
9.Farm accounting and management 7th Ed..Published by: Pitman Books Limited, Year: 1967
10.Farm accounting and management/ by Ford Sturrock Publication: Nairobi: Pitman Publishing Limited, 1971.
11.Financial management for farmers: Published by: Century Hutchinson Ltd, (London): 1982
12.African farm management/Published by: Combridge University Press, (New York) 1987
13.Farm planning and management/Published by: Longman Group Ltd, (London) Year: 1961
14.Farm management pocketbook/ 19th Ed..Published by: Agricultural Economics,Wye Colloge, (Kent:).Year: 1988
15.An introduction to farm organisation and management by Buckett, M 2nd Ed.Published by: Pergamon Press, (New York): 1988
16.Farm management handbook of Kenya:Published by: Ministry of Agriculture Farm management Section, (Nairobi): 1975
17.The business of farming: by David T.Johnson
Published by: The Macmillan Press, (London :) 1982
18.The business of farming /by David T.Johnson
2nd edition: 1990
19.Farm accounting and management /3rd edition1957
20.Farm business management by Pearce, D.G 1958
21.Farm Management Pocketbook 6th Edition 1974 Farm Management Pocketbook

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