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How to keep children safe in a farm


Date Posted: 10/2/2011 4:55:17 AM

Posted By: Raychelle  Membership Level: Silver  Total Points: 184

Farms can be very exciting places for children.They get to engage their physical muscles at work as well as their nurturing nature.The farm can however end up being hazardous in all its aspects.Here are some safety tips to ensure children are safe in the farm:

1. Buy the children boots and gloves to protect their hands and the soles of their feet from blisters,cuts and burns.

2. Give the children jobs that do not entail use of sharp objects such as hoes, machetes and slashers.Also do not leave them lying around,you never know when their edges will face up.A cousin of mine lost two fingers when trying to drive a machete into a log,a very painful encounter.Jobs such as raking and collecting farm products then taking statistics are very appropriate for children.

3. Inform the children if there are any hostile animals on the farm for them to keep off. Hostile cows that trample on people and dogs that bite should be fenced off or leashed to maximize on the safety of children.Teach them how to befriend such animals with time.

4. Teach children how to handle birds such as chicken so that they do not scratch them.Also show them how to handle cats so that they do not become hostile.

Add any more suggestions on child safety on the farm that you feel i have left out.

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