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Conserving and recycling of water at home


Date Posted: 10/26/2011 4:02:58 AM

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With these hard financial times and the fact that economy has wide opened its mouth to swallow all your savings and earnings without mercy, it would be quite wise to find ways of dodging this monster. The cost of living has risen so high to levels where the ordinary Kenyan is having sleepless nights trying to figure out any possible survival tactics. The most possible solution in times like these is just to cut down some costs by being conservative in the way you consume resources like electricity and water at home. Taking simple control measures of how you consume these resources can bear fruits for saving your pocket’s life.

Water conservation is one method that will help you cut the cost of water bills and therefore save some coins. In our households, about 165 gallons of clean water are wasted daily in one way or another, take for instance someone using a horse pipe to wash the vehicle every day or someone opening the shower for thirty minutes having used 70 liters while taking a shower that would have consumed only 10 to 15 liters of water. Water recycling can also be practiced at home very well so long as the family is dedicated to cutting down the cost of water bills.

Here are a few methods for saving water at home

1.Use of water conserving taps; these taps require someone to press the handle so that they could release water, they can be very ideal especially in a family with kids who might be careless to leave a tap running.

2.Learn to recycle water at home; water that had just rinse clothes can be used to clean the floor or do the car wash, water that has also rinsed dishes can be used to water the garden because it has no
harmful effect to the plants.

3. Don't use running water except where it’s necessary; a running tap gives 5 liters in minute compared to the one liter you would have used in a bowl.

4. Maintenance and repairing of damaged water pipes it quite useful because millions of liters of water are lost daily all over the world through leaking pipes and drainage systems.

5. The dish-rinsing water can be saved on the sink to wash another pile of dishes another time.

6. Laundry can be done once or twice a week simply because when you do laundry in a bulk you consume less water than doing it daily for some few outfits.

7. Tanks for harvesting rain water can be helpful especially if you have dairy animals or during the dry seasons when water is a scarce, rain water may also be treated for usage at home in drinking and cooking.
The next time you are holding that horse pipe to clean your vehicle, think twice and remember that charity begins at home, if we all conserve water, we can save a lot.

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