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How to learn programming and be a good programmer.


Date Posted: 12/9/2011 12:58:26 AM

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Want to learn programming? Here are three simple steps to follow and you will make a good programmer.

1. Decide why you want to learn programming. In deciding why you want to learn programming, ask yourself if you are interested and serious about it. Programming can be very difficult to uninterested people. Are you learning it for a hobby or do you want it for a job in programming. This will help you choose the best programming language that will meet your needs.
2. Choose a programming language. Once you have decided why you want to learn a programming, you can now choose a programming language.
There are many programming languages such as java, C++, C, C#, just to mention a few. You should start with a programming language that will teach you the basics of almost all other programming language. I would recommend java but it lacks the basics that C have, so it is better to start with C before going to other advanced languages such as C#, C++, and java. C is a basic and popular language for both learning and business use. C is a difficult to learn but this should not discourage you. It should make you ready.
It is better to know and understand fully the basics of one programming language before starting any other. Virtual basic or VB is easy to use hence can be good one for a hobby.
3. Decide how to learn it. Once you have decided why you want to learn programming and you have chosen a programming language you want to learn, it is time to decide how to learn it. You can take a course in programming in a college or a

university. If it is for a hobby, you can read the tutorials and eBooks on the internet. The internet has as many materials than you may require.
If you are learning programming for a job, I recommended taking a course in programming at a university or a collage so that you will not miss anything. Once you have the basics you can depend on the internet to get tutorials and eBooks.

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