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Careers versus talent, which is superior?


Date Posted: 4/12/2012 8:12:48 AM

Posted By: SimonMburu  Membership Level: Silver  Total Points: 838

Talent is the natural ability to do a certain task while education is the skill or knowledge acquired after a considerable period of time in which you learn the skill. Probably you have heard of people talking about how everyone is talented in one way or another and this proves that you have a talent that is yet to be discovered. Many of our mentors have done miracles with their talents and this is the main reason why everyone is on the rush to discover and explore their talents which seems superior compared to the careers we opt to acquire in future.

Perhaps it's true that everyone has a talent but some will take theirs to the grave without even discovering since they don't invest time and strength to discover their talents, some will even force their gifts to fit those of their best sportsmen, musicians and actors. Well, the journey of living to one's talent is not easy as it requires participation of the owner, the parent and mostly the teacher, many kids have outstanding talents that need to be nurtured from their early childhood but lack this chance since the parent or the teacher is not interested.

Talents are not equal and some may need good nurturing from the tender age so that they can be of great benefit to the owner, our education system should embrace a method in which talents can be exploited in all categories. We are sometimes demotivated and our self esteem is lowered when we can't perform well in sports, music or any other public-oriented activity, we should familiarize ourselves with the various types of strengths we possess in form of talents:

1. Spade talents-This is a type of talent whereby individuals have the ability to dig in and improve existing processes and systems,

their practical solutions and actions transform visions into realities and they are of great importance in an organization especially when possessed by the leader.

2. Diamond talents-This is the ability to think outside the box and create new innovations, ideas and solutions. People who possess this talent are able to make the impossible possible and come up with great and unique ideas which are of great importance to the individual or the organization.

3. Heart talents-As the word suggests, people possessing this talent are very good in building relationships and they make the power of a team work. They have a keen ability of sensing people's needs and respond to them. They are very good in mediating.

4. Club talent- The ability to make tough decisions and risk failure just to bring new ideas into reality, individuals possessing this talent have the ability to launch new initiatives.

The debate between talent and career is still boiling and parents are preferring education to talents for their kids, others are saying that careers waste a lot of time in school unlike a talent whereby the owner becomes successful after a short time time of practice. The truth shall remain in that some talents need education to be discovered while others come without.

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