Benefits of watching cartoons.


Date Posted: 4/19/2012 11:06:51 AM

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Cartoons have been related to children since they started to appear on newspapers and television and you might get opinions from many adult people that cartoons are meant for kids. Well, these 'creatures' could be of educational and health benefit to children as well as adults.

Studies have proven that adults who watch cartoons have lower percentage risk of succumbing to stress-related diseases such as heart attack since cartoons are humorous and could be a remedy for stress.

Adults who love watching cartoons have a healthy rapport with kids and are in a better position of understanding them hence solve their problems effectively.
Apart from these, cartoons can also be a good activity for passing time instead of idling out which of course makes your mind a workshop for the devil as they say.

When it comes to children, proper precaution and discretion by the parents or guardians should be imposed because there are a lot of adult staff in cartoons nowadays that could spoil the child.

With good guidance and proper limitations, cartoons could have the following benefits to kids.

1. Aware of the social life:
At an early age of 3 years, kids could have a glimpse of an idea of what is going on in the social world and they are able to grow with the knowledge of interacting well with people in the society.

2. They build their vocabulary:
Through cartoons kids are able to learn new vocabularies hence improve their speech and use of vocabularies in writing which is of great benefit in education.

3. Boost of concentration:
At a tender age, a kid will have more power in concentration than a kid who does not watch cartoon simply because the one watching has the ability of following up events (in the cartoon episodes).

4. A good form of entertainment:
Cartoons give kids safe satisfying

entertainment rather than them watching other forms which might be violent or

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