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Merits and demerits of having pets.


Date Posted: 4/23/2012 11:06:45 AM

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Pets are the favorite animals of our choice that we usually keep in the house or walk around with, these animals range from cats, dogs, parrots, rabbits, mice, to tigers and snakes. Whatever the pet of your choice is, you must have a reason for keeping it however in many African countries these pets are kept for various purposes.

These animals come with great benefits while at the same time they pose a hazardous environment to our lives. Some of the benefits include:

The cats, dogs or any other pet gives our living environments a sense of beauty with their soft far, color, feathers and the sounds they make. The cats tend to leave fur wherever they sleep, and this makes the place so beautiful and magnificent, although some people get irritated with this.

Pets give us security especially dogs when they bark their voices out at strangers just to give us warnings that the presence of intruders has been detected. The dogs also have an ability of chasing and arresting intruders when properly trained, they also have great senses whereby they can sniff and detect illegal items like bombs and drugs.
On the other hand, cats keep mice at bay which pose a risk of attracting snakes and other weird animals and insects. They also detect poisonous foods and beverages therefore alerting the owner.

The pets we own greatly influence our personalities and it is possible to tell the characters of a person by the pet of his or her choice. People with deluxe lifestyles often have expensive pets like tigers and the rare species of dogs and cats.

Although we love these animals and we share almost every space at the house, there comes some demerits of having them around, some of which include:

Health risks:
In-house pets like cats and dogs may have infections

that are life threatening example rabies.
The cats can also be of great danger to people suffering asthma among other respiratory infections, their fur can also trigger cancer of the respiratory system if inhaled to the lungs.
The vet department recommends regular checkups for these pets to avoid breakout of diseases.

Sometimes the pets become a nuisance to visitors, neighbors and passersby especially when not taken care of properly. Perhaps you have come across a lousy dog at your compound searching for food.

Whatever the case is, we should take care of these animals because they have rights too and if it is impossible to take care of a pet then don't keep one.

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