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Lessons for kenya from the occupy movement


Date Posted: 8/2/2012 11:35:00 PM

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The occupy Los Angeles opposes injustice to the ordinary people, suppressed by the system and people in power. Corporations which were once meant to serve the people indiscriminately have become profit oriented, oppressing the people and they run the government. It is by corruption that they carry out their injustices to the people.
The occupy Los Angeles and all the other occupations in general have the same grievances against these corporate bodies:

Firstly, because of unlawful foreclosure processes by housing corporations, people lose their houses even though they have been consistent in payment but default in a few months. Some members of the occupy Los Angeles say that the tax system is unfavorable to the people: they are overtaxed to cater for the inflated salaries of high ranking government officials.

The disparity and prejudice at workplace where employees are discriminated against based on age, the color of one’s skin, sex, gender identity and sexual orientation. The occupy Los Angeles say that the food supply is threatened by poor hygiene conditions. Monopolies that run the farming destabilize this sector.
They torture animals and use them in testing various products that make profit; they however manage to carry these acts discreetly. In addition employees have been refused the right to ask for better pay and question the safety of the working conditions.

Students who seek loans for education are taken captive in tens of thousands of dollars in debt. Their right to education as said by occupy Los Angeles is denied. They finance politicians who are later used to carry out their dirty work for them. They intentionally refused to recall defective products that could endanger lives with an aim of making profit.

It is believed that they are responsible for the cover ups of oil spills, accidents

etc. so as to protect their investments that would lead to losses if they are uncovered.
They have power over the media hence keep people in the dark about their actions. Moreover the freedom of the press has been infringed and the police are used to keep them quiet.

They colonize their own people and the people abroad. They have been involved in torturing and murdering innocent citizens in foreign countries. To conclude with, they manufacture military hardware for the government so that they can get contracts.

Impacts of the occupy Los Angeles

Since the movements started 2011 with occupy Wall Street, the outcome has compiled of positive and negative impacts. People camp out in parks and in front of the city hall as is the case in the Occupy Los Angeles rebelling against injustices to the people.

Some of the ways the Occupy Los Angeles has impacted positively include: Thanks to the Occupy Los Angeles and the other movements, the social injustices carried out by large corporations have been exposed. Before this most people would shy away from talking about these issues, but now the people are bolder as a result of these movements.

The occupy Los Angeles has promoted interaction among the people. Camping out together people formed new relationships that will lead to a stronger community. Sharing ideas and enabling people to get a platform to express their views without fear.

The power belongs to the people. They have shown that economy is driven by the people; by going to the camps and causing operations in the town to come to a stand still.
Unity is strength. As the people unite to combat a common enemy they show their might by coming together and supporting each other. They show their strength in numbers and walk as one, because they have the same goal in mind.

We can see that the Occupy Los Angeles incorporates all classes; from the middle class, low class to the homeless. Most of these people individually do not have a voice to the leaders but together they can be heard loud and clear. In other words the Occupy Los Angeles gives a voice to the voiceless.
The negative effects of the Occupy Los Angeles are: the city has reported an increase in pay of overtime for the policemen. Resulting to about $120,000, the extra costs to maintain the police is expected to rise.
As the people marched on the streets and parks, they vandalized the facilities e.g. the sprinkler system in the parks and lawns.

The people camping at the park have compromised the security in the park. Additionally they have made the park inaccessible to others would want to us the park’s facilities.
The camp at Occupy Los Angeles has reported that many people are squeezing in small spaces leading to odors and unhygienic conditions to stay in. They may suffer from infectious diseases.

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