What the government can do to reduce poverty levels in Kenya


Date Posted: 9/27/2011 2:16:44 PM

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Kenya is faced by the hunger and increase in poverty levels each year, it is unfortunate that lives can still be lost out of poverty in one of the strongest growing economies in Africa at a point where we are aiming at Vision 2030’s full industrialization. Here are some suggestions that can reduce the impact of such occurrences in future:
1. Re-evaluation of the agricultural policies; most of the government policies are aimed at bringing the arid and semi-arid regions into agricultural productivity. These policies and strategies are often failures because the area residents do not share in the spirit of most projects as they are traditionally pastoralists. Efforts must thus be redirected towards the more productive regions for optimal productivity such as the tea, coffee, maize and sugarcane growing areas. If these regions are efficiently utilized to produce enough food for the whole country, the ASALs can be used for solar and wind power generations on a large-scale.
2. Reintroduction of government extension officers to farmers to teach and advise farmers on good farming practices, proper record keeping and introduction of new technologies to farmers.
3. Providing affordable storage facilities to farmers’ produce; instead of purchasing the harvest from farmers, silos should offer storage at a cheaper price. This will ensure that many farmers have food throughout the season and no reason for a hike in prices when middlemen hoard the commodities.
4. Value addition; the government should provide mechanisms for adding value to products especially perishable ones, simple processing facilities can be constructed close to the farmers for products such as milk, avocado that go stale within no time after harvest.
5. Subsidizing the price of inputs especially during the planting season; this will reduce the cost of production and thus increasing profitability of the farmers and also contributes to lower prices. What do you think the government can do to salvage this situation?


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The government should also consider equality in distribution of resources. This ensures that every region is well covered. Encouraging students to train in technical and practical courses may also help in reducing poverty.
27 Sep 2011 @ 03:40

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I do not feel that turning arid and semi arid areas to agricultural hubs has failed.It is the government projects that have failed.Who would not want to have a way of eating?Look at the Maasai,a naturally pastoralist community which has lately taken up tea and sugarcane farming in their plains.Human beings are adoptive creatures.To eradicate poverty the level of corruption must be at 0%.This will ensure all resources are well distributed to encourage equal productivity in all regions.Genetically modified food is one factor that should help reduce hunger risks.The governmet should continue giving incentives like fertilizer and hoes to make working effective.
27 Sep 2011 @ 03:57

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